My name is Jesse, and I’m the tree enthusiast behind this blog. From dwarf citrus and fruit trees to Japanese maples, bonsai trees, and landscaping trees, I’m here to share my lifelong passion for tiny trees with all of you.

I was always fascinated by the beauty of nature, the forests, and trees. Whether it was climbing a towering oak in my backyard or swinging from the branches of a small dogwood, I found comfort in these things growing up. As an adult, I try to keep trees close to home… sometimes even inside the home.

Below are some of the types of trees that we talk about on this site.

Citrus and fruit trees

Over the years, I’ve experimented with growing and cultivating a variety of small trees. Dwarf citrus and fruit trees have a special place in my heart, as they allow me to enjoy fresh, homegrown produce in a compact, manageable form.

On this site, you’ll find helpful tips and tricks for nurturing these miniature marvels, from selecting the perfect pot to pruning and fertilizing for optimal growth.

Japanese maples

I also love Japanese maples, with their delicate leaves and stunning fall colors. On this site I’ll share general info about different Japanese maple varieties, some pitfalls when it comes to caring for these small trees, and pretty much just how to make sure they thrive under your care.

I have several of these beautiful little trees, potted and planted in the ground. Here’s a picture of one of my new ones that I planted.

Young Japanese maple
Young Japanese maple

Bonsai trees

Bonsai trees hold a unique allure, as they represent the harmonious union of art and nature. I’ve been practicing the ancient art of bonsai for years and have learned much along the way. Through Tiny Tree Hub, I’ll share the techniques and practices that have allowed me to create living sculptures that bring tranquility and beauty to my life.

I own 2 bonsai trees myself, a Fukien tea tree and a ficus. Here are pictures of them!

First is my banyan bonsai (microcarpa):

young ficus bonsai tree
My ficus bonsai tree (microcarpa) when I first bought it. 


And here is my Fukien tea bonsai (Carmona bonsai)

fukien tea tree (carmona bonsai)
fukien tea tree (carmona bonsai)

Landscaping trees

Aside from potentially using Japanese maples in this regard, there are seemingly endless other landscaping trees that offer many opportunities for creativity and design in the smallest of spaces. I’m excited to share my experiences with using tiny trees to create eye-catching focal points, privacy screens, and natural borders in gardens and yards of all sizes.

At Tinytreehub.com, my goal is to simply share information about trees for tree lovers. Thank you for joining me in this hobby, buying new trees can be addicting and get quite expensive. Together, we’ll grow our knowledge, our gardens, and maybe even learn some things we didn’t know or tips to save money.